About Cansual

Cansual;  is a casual and sportswear brand that aims to experience your home comfort at any time of the day and everywhere.  Our motto is relax and live in the moment.

The creative person behind the brand is Kadircan Karalı, who has left the family business that has been operating in the textile industry for years and argues that it is possible to be comfortable and stylish at any time and anywhere.

In this digital era where most of us are working from home, we believe that being comfortable and stylish is very important for our well-being.  Whether you are working or having fun, be comfortable and live in the moment.

We wanted to start our color palette with black and white because classic is always beautiful.  We want to settle in your heart and become a brand that makes you happy with our socks, t-shirts and sweatshirts in our product range.

We will always design and produce for your happiness.

Yours sincerely